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Collection: Master Sword Replica - The Divine Sword of Many Names


Legends of Zelda is an action-adventure video game with some of the most popular fictional weapons - Master Sword. There are up to 29 games in the franchise released over 30 years. The game's popularity isn't waning, and the sword has become a loved item in the game fandom.

Let's discuss the Zelda master sword replica and offer you a peek into our collection.

Legend of Zelda Master Sword - Background

Master Sword goes under many names, including

  • The blade of evil's bane

  • Sword of resurrection

  • The sword that seals the darkness

  • Sacred sword

It is known for its special features such as evil repelling, time traveling, and the possibility to emit sword beams. Legend of Zelda master sword replica obviously doesn't come with these features, but it brings the piece of the game to you! 

Master Sword is a Hero of Hyrule Link's trademark weapon. Link's destiny is to fight evil, and the sword is a necessary and reliable companion in the game. 

Master Sword was first introduced in A Link to The Past game and since then, it has been an important piece of story. Being one of the most special weapons in the game, only Master Sword can defeat Ganon, as the representation of all evil.

Replica Master Sword Appearance

Throughout the game, Master Sword has changed its appearance. The first time it appeared, the sword grip was red, and it had a yellow crossguard. But, on the pedestal, the Sword has a purple grip with a blue guard. 

In the subsequent games, shades on the Master Sword changed, until his appearance became permanent. A typical Master Sword replica shows the sword as a bastard sword with a narrow ricasso and engraving of the Triforce symbol on the blade. You can see a yellow gemstone in the cross guard. But, the most attractive details 

are seen in the Ocarina of Time game, with a long blade with an attractive blue handle and pommel. The grip is green, and the guard is cross-shaped.

Our Collection

Take a look at the details on the Master Sword replica in our collection and treat yourself to some of the most iconic swords from video games. Moreover, Link's signature weapon is part of the visual identity of the whole franchise and you have it in your sword and games collection! Master Sword real replica can be displayed on the stand or without it. 

Treat yourself to a full-tang, carbon steel, or stainless steel sword with authentic details from the game.


Where is Link's Master Sword?

In the game, you can find the Master Sword in the Lost Wood.

What happened to Link's Master Sword?

In Tears of Kingdom, Ganondorf breaks the sword, but Zelda travels in time and uses her powers to heal the sword.

How powerful is Link's Master Sword?

Master Sword has a 30 damage degree of power, and its strongest abilities wake when there is an evil to fight.