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Collection: Knight Sword - An Ode To Middle-Age Battles


Never was a sword that was represented in the artwork as much as the knight sword. The weapon used for battles between the 12th and 14th centuries was also called a knightly sword and featured a simple, minimalistic sword design. Therefore, it ensured versatile use and plenty of customization details. 

If you are a collector of medieval items, and weapons or you just love nice things for your cosplay, getting a medieval knight sword is a great idea! Here is what you need to know about these swords.

Knight Sword - Features

In medieval times, swords were more than just weapons. A knight's sword stands for loyalty, faith, and honor as desired characteristics in knights. The typical blade length for a real knight sword was on average 30 inches, which made the total sword length around 35 inches. The double-edge straight blade was razor-sharp, and the hilt was shaped like a cross with a pommel.

Historians agree that the cross-shaped hilt was there to allow knights to pray before the battle. The sheath was often made from black leather. 

Compared to standard swords of that time, used by ordinary people and merchants for protection, knight swords were more expensive and more complex to produce. Because the swords required exceptional skills to make time, they were more durable and more powerful than other weapons from the Medieval ages.

Legendary Knight Swords

From battlefields and heroic stories, knight swords find their way into the legends. That is why some of the most famous legends ever, the story about King Arthur have the sword Excalibur as the side protagonist.

Other legendary knight swords are the France coronation sword Joyeuse,

William Wallace's sword, King Edward the Confessor's sword, and the Legbiter sword of the King of Norway.

Should You Include a Knight Sword in Your Sword Collection?

In the entire history of swordmaking, knight swords have a special place. If you are starting your sword collection or you already have one, a knight sword can be an excellent addition. 

Moreover, knight swords have so much value and historical significance that you may even start an individual collection dedicated to them specifically!

Our selection is a nice place to start building your sword collection or find the gems for your already valuable collection. Other than for collection, you may use the knight sword or Templar knight sword for cosplay.


What is a knight's sword called?

The Knight sword is called a knightly sword or arming sword, and it specifically refers to the European sword with a cross-shaped hilt and straight blade. It was used the most from the 11th to 16th century.

How heavy is a knight's sword?

Typically, knight swords were around 2.5 pounds heavy. Heavier swords feature longer blades and have been custom made for strong and tall warriors.

What was the largest knight sword?

Two-handed claymore has a 42-inch blade and a 13-inch grip. With 55 inches of total length, the claymore is potentially the largest knight sword.

German Zweihänder used around the 16th century was up to 69 inches long.