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Collection: Katana Stand - More Than Simple Accessory


True fans of Japanese swords appreciate Katana stand for its ability to showcase the beauty and elegance of the famous samurai weapon. Katana stands to serve to display the sword and to preserve its features. 

Sometimes, the ornamental details on the stand make the Katana sword stand out even more, with the two in perfect harmony.

Let's talk more about the must-have Katana sword stand for all collectors!

Katana Sword Display Stand History

Did you know that Katanas were always displayed on the stand, even in feudal Japan, when used as weapons? At first, a Katana stand was a simple wooden structure, designed to keep the sword secure and in sight. 

However, as the Katana swordmakers perfected the sword, the stand design also changed. In the Edo period, stands became taller and got more details with symbols of nature and Japanese folklore. 

Katana Stand Buying Guide

There are a lot of Katana stands of different quality on the market. Some are cheap and poorly designed, so displaying your loved Katana on such a stand counts as an offense to the sword itself! 

Look for the following features:


Pick a minimalistic stand if your Katana is decorated to allow it to stand out. On the contrary, if you have a simple, elegant, and minimalistic Katana, an ornate stand might be a good option to complement that simplicity.


Pick stands made from hardwood - ebony or walnut to ensure durability and a lasting finish.


Each stand needs to have a solid base, backrest, and several hooks to hold the sword. 


If you own a standard curved Katana, pick a standard dimension stand, around 8 inches wide and 18 inches tall. If your sword is longer than usual, opt for a bigger stand to ensure balance and safety.

Our Collection

Now it is easy to get all your accessories, maintenance kits, and Katana and stand in one place. Consider traditional stands or opt for modern-looking stands for your Katana collection. You will also find quality Kataana stands tailored to premium Katanas and masterpieces on their own.

With a proper stand, your sword can become a highlight of the collection, a unique interior decor element, and a tribute to Japan's sword-making legacy and exceptional design.

The price range for the Katanas stand is wide, and the tag depends on construction, materials, and unique features. 


What is the purpose of the Katana stand?

The Katana stand keeps the weapon safe and displayed so that its timeless elegance comes into the spotlight. 

Are there different types of Katana stands?

Yes, you can come across various Katana designs, with more or less artistic features. The minimalist design puts the sword in the central piece, while futurist stands are designed to incorporate traditional elements in contemporary decor.

How do I pick a stand for the Katana sword?

First, ensure the size matches your sword. Then, check the construction. It has to be sturdy enough with suitable locks, so the sword is safe.