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Our store specializes in the highest quality Japanese sword selection for collectors and martial arts practitioners. You'll find antique pieces and modern pieces of art praised for their highest quality swordsmanship and unique Japanese cultural reflections. Here is what this page will cover:

  • Japanese swords features

  • Quick overview of types of Japanese swords

  • Guide on Japanese swords for sale

How are Japanese Swords Different from Other Swords

Japanese swords are often made from two materials to ensure the highest quality and the best features. Most commonly, sword makers use high carbon to ensure razor-sharp blades and low carbon to increase shock absorption capabilities and overall sword strength.

Japanese swords are respected for their timeless elegance, deadly force, and design for either close combat or battlefield.

Types of Japanese Swords

There are numerous types of Japanese swords with different features. Here is a quick overview of Japanese sword types:


Katana is a longsword, with a single-edge, full tang, and slightly curved blade. It is one of the most influential Japanese samurai swords, weapons of the military nobility of Japan.


Uchigatana is similar to Katana, but a lot lighter and designed for quick maneuverability and precise cutting force.


Tachi's sword is razor-sharp with superior cutting force. It has a long hilt and is designed to be used with two hands. It is longer and more curved than Katana.


Another powerful, heavy, and deadly sword used only by strong wielders is Odachi. The beautiful sword was used as an offering to Gods, because of his stunning appearance.


Wakizashi is a short Japanese sword designed for close combat. The warriors carried the Wakizashi inserted through obi on the side.


Tanto is a dagger-style sword that served as a supplementary weapon alongside a primary longsword. Tanto has a double-tip curved blade and is versatile.

How to Choose a Japanese Sword For Your Collection?

Here are a few tips to help you get the best value sword for your collection.

  • Inspect the blade for quality and material. Ideally, pick swords made from high-carbon if you want the best bang for your buck.

  • The handle and guard need to be solid and tightly attached. Traditionally, Japanese swords had a hardwood handle.

  • If you want authentic Japanese swords, pick swords with the Hamon effect.

  • Determine which type and sword length you prefer

Our Collection

Our collection of authentic Japanese swords highlights the outstanding swordmaking skills of traditional Japanese swordmakers. Find unique pieces for your collection or battle-ready swords for practice. 


What is a Japanese sword called?

When a person says Japanese sword, it most often refers to a Katana or Tachi.

What are Japanese swords from WW2?

WW2 Japanese swords are called Kyu-gunto or Russo-Japanese swords.

Are Japanese swords worth anything?

Authentic Japanese swords on public auction sales may get a price of 5,000 dollars and above. The sword's age, authentication certificate, historical features, and ornaments determine the price.