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Collection: Japanese Katana: Is it the Best Sword Ever?


Even if you are a rookie in the world of the sword, you've probably heard about Japanese Katana. Japanese sword makers brought the art and crafts of making Japanese Katanas to the next level - where art, skills, and history blend to create lethal weapons worth admiring.

The Japanese Katana sword is just one of many types of Japanese Samurai swords, but it has the most distinctive features.

Here is what this page will cover:

  • A quick review of Katana Japanese sword origin

  • How to pick Japanese Katana for collection

  • Collection of Authentic Japanese Katana

History of Katana 

As a sword and weapon, Katana shares the values of high-class Japanese warriors - the samurai. People all around the world respect Katana for its functional features, such as its curved blade. Katana swords have never been used only for fighting, these swords also reflected status and honor, and have often been ritual props.

Historians believe that the first Katana was created around 700 CE, and since then, it has changed and been popularized around the world.

How is Katana Made?

Traditionally, making a Katana is a time-consuming process, which includes different techniques, such as folding, forging, hammering, melting, polishing, sharpening, etc. With this meticulous process, Katana becomes a razor-sharp sword with a durable and strong blade. 

Authentic Katanas are made from tamahagane steel, with various designs of handles and sheaths to represent persons' aesthetic preferences or specific symbols.

Katana Sword Blade

Katana comes from the nihonto swords category by its blade length. Typical Katana is longer than two shaku, which is a traditional Japanese measurement unit and equivalent to 24 inches. Nowadays, you can find Katanas with blades between 24 and 32 inches. People also call Katana a dao or daito, because of its similar length to a Chinese sword of a similar appearance. 

Real Japanese Katana Buying Guide

When searching for a new gem for your collection, stick with swords made from Damascus steel and polished hamon. Pick hang-forged unique Katanas, like the ones you can find in our collection, and opt for details on the tsuba and sheath. 

Stay away from cheap items which can easily break or rust. The best Katanas from carbon steel and great attention to detail may increase in value over time, so you may look at them as an investment.

Our Collection

Explore our comprehensive collection of Japanese Katanas for sale and enjoy hand-made quality, dull, or battle-ready swords for martial arts or display. On stand or without it, our Katanas are masterpieces, whose purchase you'll never regret.


How much does a Japanese Katana cost?

Katanas are among the most expensive swords, and hand-made items may cost around $200, while authentic swords cost up to several thousands of dollars.

Are katanas stronger than swords?

Katana is relatively resistant and tolerates pressure and stress, but some longer swords may be more robust.

Why are Katanas so sharp?

Katanas are razor sharp because they are made from carbon steel, and with specific forging blades.