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Collection: Ichigo Bankai Sword - One Sword with Two Soul Parts


Are you a fan of the Bleach manga series? If you are on track with the series, you are probably mind-blown with the first season finale Thousand-Year Blood War. Ichigo's sword gets reforged after getting destroyed, only to have his true powers revealed.

Bleach Ichigo Bankai Sword is Zangetsu and one of the few constants in the life of the main protagonist. However, the sword doesn't come without secrets! Ichigo needs to learn about the secret origins to reveal the true power of his Zanpakuto. 

The Bleach manga may seem complex to people who aren't there from the start, especially with the various forms and spirits. 

Before you grab your Ichigos Bankai sword, let's try to bring more information about Bleach swords.

What is Bankai?

Ichigo Kurosaki is a selfless hero, with his personal spirit Zanpakuto in its final Bankai form. 

Characters in Bleach must have advanced powers and the ability to materialize the Zanpakuto spirit itself to get Bankai.

Therefore, Bankai is the highest rank there is, and it represents Ichigo's spiritual power. Ichigo's Bankai is called Tensa Zangetsu, and it functions as a concentrated energy source. That way, the character can step into an enormous amount of power. The Tensa Zangetsu is the most powerful Bankai in the entire series!

The Sword Appearance

The Zangetsu Ichigo Kurosaki Bankai sword looks like an extra long Katana, or Nodachi with one sharp edge. The sword has white cloth wrapping on the hilt, so it can quickly be thrown and reeled back to the wielder. 

Originally,  Ichigo Bankai Katana was only a thin and elegant full-black sword. But, later in the show, when the sword becomes more powerful, it gets the iconic black-and-white appearance.

Ichigo Bankai Sword Replica For Sale

The replica of the Ichigo Bankai sword from our collection comes with a blade length of 28 inches and a 12-inch long handle. It is a full tang, carbon steel sword with synthetic ray skin and iron tsuba and attractive details.

Swords from our collection are sharp, battle-ready, and fully functional pieces. Still, the Ichigo Bankai sword will look attractive on the stand, because of its gorgeous dark blade and rectangular guard. You can also search for white variations of the sword if you prefer it over the black one.

The Ichigo Bankai sword from our collection requires standard maintenance for swords made of carbon steel. It includes regular cleaning and blade oiling to prevent rust. 


What does Ichigo's new Bankai look like?

New Ichigo Bankai gets white on the outer section with a connecting chain on the blade. Ichigo also suffers appearance changes like his sword.

Is Ichigo's Bankai a Katana?

Some may argue that Ichigo sword is an extra-long Katana, or simply Nodachi. It is an attractive sword with an elongated design and visually appealing details and color scheme.

Why is Ichigo's Zanpakuto so big?

Ichigo's Zangetus represents two parts of his spirit - Hollow powers for the long blade, and Quincu powers for the smaller blade. Therefore, it doesn't look like any other weapon in manga.