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Collection: Highlander Sword - Katana or Claymore for Your Collection

If you haven't been living under the rock, you have watched the iconic movie from the 80s Highlander. The movie has an interesting storyline and follows the immortal swordsmen from the 16th century who can time travel. 

Christopher Lambert is the star of the money and during his adventures, he wields two fascinating swords - the Highlander sword Claymore, and the Highlander Dragon Katana. 

Both swords are must-have movie memorabilia for true fans of the Highlander movie and Christopher Lambert's work.

Let's take a closer look at both of the swords.

Sword from Highlander - Claymore Sword

Claymore wielded by Conor MacLeod is one of the biggest movie swords. Claymore swords used by Scottish soldiers are larger than most other swords, and Conor's sword is designed to match the look of the anti-cavalry weapon, a massive sword designed to be used with both hands.

The traditional Claymore features 42 42-inch long blades with a 13-inch long handle. Conor MacLeod's sword was called The MacLeod Longsword and had the family name engraved on the guard. 

The movie doesn't reveal where Conor gets his sword, but it has been with him since his first battle. Once his wife Heather MacLeods dies, Conor leaves the massive sword as a headstone on her grave. Once his second sword breaks, Conor gets back to the grave of his wife centuries ago and takes his sword back.

Highlander Dragon Katana

The movie protagonist got the Katana sword from his mentor Juan Sances Ramires, played by Shon Koneri in the movie. The Katana he inherited was unique. The construction was made from steel and had carved dragons on the ivory handle with a gold hilt.

Allegedly, legendary swordsmith Masamune forged the blade up to 200 times and gave it as a wedding gift to Ramires when he was marrying Masamune's daughter.

Conor used the sword for a decade, until the immortal antagonist Kane, breaks the sword.

Highlander Sword For Sale

Do you prefer Katana or Claymore as Conor MacLeod's weapon of choice? Both swords are strong and well-designed to represent the two cultures and two periods.

Claymore is big and would look great as a display sword, on the stand or mounted on the wall. On the other hand, Ramirez Katana is a quality standard 41-inch Katana with an ornamental ivory handle and battle-ready blade. Like Claymore, the Claymore Katana replica will look good on the stand, but you can also include it in your Katana collection.


What kind of sword does Connor MacLeod use?

Despite living and fighting for several, Conor MacLeods uses only two swords  - heavy Scottish Claymore, and Japanese Katana 

How heavy is a Highland sword?

The highland sword was up to 55 inches long and weighed over six pounds. It takes a strong and skillful warrior to wield it.

Why does Highlander use a katana?

In the Highlander movie, Ramires, Conor's friend and mentor uses a Katana. Once he dies, Conor takes his sword in his remembrance. However, the movie production picked Katana as Ramirez's sword because of its cool design and rising popularity in the 80s.