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Collection: Fantasy Sword Collection - Most Impressive Weapons from Final Fantasy

The Final Fantasy video game is respected for its impressive graphics, storytelling, gameplay, and attractive weapons featured throughout the game. The protagonists' Warriors of Light are focused on fighting evil, restoring prophecy crystals, and saving the world. The game has several series, and the story spreads through the extensive time range. 

The Final Fantasy swords appear in every game and almost as part of every job in the game.

Let's break things down about the most popular swords from the game.


The Final Fantasy game franchise has multiple spin-offs, series, and expansion packs. It has gained popularity across the world. 

The complex game is a unique blend of various video game concepts, which makes it great in the eyes of critics and players.

Swords Replicas

Square Enix, a Japanese video game publisher and multinational holding company owns the Final Fantasy franchise, so all trademarks are their properties. 

In addition, because of high-quality replicas, swords became popular outside the Final Fantasy fandom and are a great addition to all fantasy sword collections. You can pick them for cosplay, collection, fencing practice, and martial arts. Some items from our collection are highly functional.

The most popular swords in the Final Fantasy collection are the Cloud or Buster sword and Kadaj Katana.

Cloud Sword 

Cloud or Buster sword is the protagonist Cloud Strife's default weapon in the Final Fantasy VII remake. It is around a five to six feet long one-foot-wide blade. The sword is unique because of its two-toned blade with holes designed to allow Cloud to use magic. With their unique appearance, Cloud swords are challenging to make well and are in high demand among the fans of the Final Fantasy world. 

Kadaj Katana

Kadaj Katana is a dual-blade Katana with an attractive look and goes under several names, including Souba. The primary purpose of Kadaj Katana, one of the most iconic swords from the game, is defense. With its parallel twin blades with minimal distance, the sword allows quick enemy disarming.

In addition, handling a complex sword such as a dual Katana from the Final Fantasy game requires a lot of practice. Therefore, it makes a perfect gift for martial artists looking for a challenge!

Other popular options in Final Fantasy sword collections are the Fusion sword, Cutting trigger blade, and Ultima weapon.


Why is Final Fantasy so special?

The Final Fantasy series gains the respect of critics and fans because of the quality of game aspects and the ability to play all entries as single entities without dependable story elements.

What is the most powerful sword in Final Fantasy 16?

The Gotterdammerung appears to be the most powerful weapon to fight Ultima in Final Fantasy 16.

Why is Cloud's sword so big?

Cloud got his large sword from Zack, whose mentor was a First-class soldier who managed to wield such a big sword with great power and skills.

Does Lightning Final Fantasy sword have a gunblade?

Yes, Blazefire or Lightning Saber counts as a gunblade.