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Collection: Damascus Sword - Legendary Sword Material Which Passed the Test of Time


The Damascus sword isn’t the sword made or found in the city of Damascus in Syria. Instead, it is a sword made from the same-named material, which proves to be one of the best materials ever used in sword creation. 

Our collection of swords has exceptionally designed and crafted Damascus swords for sale, battle-ready, and good for display and cosplays. 

Before you find your top picks, let's see why Damascus steel remains a popular and reliable choice for swords.

Damascus Steel Sword Features

Historians believe that around 1500 BC, the production of the Damascus steel began. Since then, the swords made from this material came into legends for their strength, long edge, and exceptional resilience and durability. 

For centuries, Damascus swords remained the most desired weapons. However, working with Damascus steel included a learning curve. In the modern world, with advanced technology in metal processing, Damascus steel is stronger than ever and these swords are still praised for their quality.

Damascus Steel Forging Technique

A standard practice during the sword creating process is forging. With Damascus steel, forging creates various microstructures that resonate and mix with other layers. That way, Damascus steel becomes more robust, compared to other steel varieties.

Because of the diffusion process, Damascus steel is prone to transformation but remains incredibly tough in the process.

Downsides of Damascus Steel for Swords Making

Despite its superiority, there are a few downsides to Damascus steel for swords. Compared to a mono-steel sword, the Damascus sword is a bit less functional, because it has air gaps in its construction.

Additionally, Damascus steel differs from traditional materials used for crafting swords. These traditional swords have distinct blade grains called jigane.

Damascus Steel Sword VS Carbon Steel Swords

Steel and carbon swords are the most popular, and they have significant differences. 

Swords made from Damascus steel are more expensive than carbon ones because they require more layers in the construction. Their thin blades hold the integrity much longer. Carbon swords are sturdier and thicker. 

Damascus Steel Swords For Sale

In our store, you can choose between a variety of functional and elegant swords. These swords require maintenance to maintain their beautiful, sophisticated looks. 

To keep them in the best shape and look clean residue from the blade often and keep the blade oiled to prevent rust and wear off from time. If you keep your sword well-maintained, it can become a valuable family heirloom.!


What is so special about Damascus steel?

Damascus steel is strong, flexible, and keeps its edge. It is easily recognizable with its water-like patterns on the blade.

Can Damascus steel be faked?

Yes, and your telltales are unnatural patterns on the blade. Inspect the blade for uniformity in the pattern and if you don't spot it, the blade is probably fake. 

Why is Damascus so expensive?

Damascus steel is expensive because to create the blade from it, more layers are required and the forging process might be more complex.