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Curved-blade weapons have been around forever, from ancient times to modern variations featured in popular video games, such as the Elden Ring. From fantasy to reality, curved swords have been known for their exceptional power in slashing attacks and use on horseback. 

As the name suggests, these swords have more or less curved blades, and soldiers have used variations of them around the world.

Let's briefly discuss the varieties of curved swords, their use, and technical requirements before you browse through our collection of curved swords for sale!

Curved Swords History

Some historians believe curved swords appeared in Egypt, because of the ancient weapon khopesh. It is a unique weapon with a design that looks like a sickle but has a sword shape. After that, curved swords spread around the world and got various names. For example, scimitar is the name for short, curved swords coming from the Middle East.

Persian Shamsir is the most famous curved sword from the Middle East, with the most curved blades. 

Kukri appear in Nepal, Talwar was a popular curved sword in India, the Kilij was popular with the Turks, and the Katana is probably the most recognizable curved blade ever, coming from Japan. Still, the curve on Katana isn't as dramatic as it is on some of the mentioned curved sword variations.

In Europe, soldiers used Falchion, a single-edge curved sword for cutting and thrusting. After that, sabers with their very curved blades took over. 

Historically speaking, curved swords were designed to be quick and cheap to make, because they didn't require that much precision and time to forge. 

Our Collection of Curved Swords

Our curved swords collection highlights some of the most impressive swords from cultures around the world. They are suitable for training, cosplay, and display. Each sword features quality materials and premium sword-making skills. 

The swords are made to resemble authentic curved swords from Japan, China, Europe, and other great empires. Find hang-forged pieces and decide on the sharpens level to match your chosen purpose of the sword,  training, or display.

Popular Curved Swords For Your Collection

Elden Ring Scavenger curved sword is one of the most impressive fantasy swords, alongside the Bandits curved sword from the same game. Other popular replicas are medieval swords and sabers with curved blades and attractive details on the handle. 


Are curved swords good?

Compared to straight swords which find their purpose in direct combat for stabbing, curved swords are better for cutting. In addition, curved swords prove to be quite effective for cavalry.

What is the benefit of curved swords?

Curved swords are quick and easy to draw from sheat. Therefore, curved swords are practical for unexpected combat and fighting multiple enemies because of their better angle of attack.

Is it illegal to own a curved sword in the UK?

As of August 2008, curved swords are legal to own in the UK and sold without a license with handmade and traditional forging methods. Other countries may have different laws regulative regarding curved and samurai swords.