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Collection: Crusader Sword - A Weapon With Divine Proportions


Do you want to experience medieval times and get a replica of a real Crusader sword, once carried by medieval warriors under the direction of a Christian Latin church? You have come to the right place! 

Our collection of Crusader swords pays tribute to the victims and the dark Medieval age.

Before we present our collection to you, let's take a closer look at what makes the sword of Crusader special and go through the mutual features of these weapons. 

What Was Crusader Sword Like?

A typical sword warrior used during the High Middle Ages in Europe was the so-called knightly sword. It was often referred to as an arming sword or a knightly arming sword. 

It is a double-edged blade intended for one-hand use. The distinction between other swords used at that time is the cross-shaped guard, often called a cruciform to represent a symbol of the war motifs. 

The standard blade was between 28 and 31 inches long, with an average weight between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds. 

The relatively simple design of the Crusader sword was typical for the arming swords of that time and has been seen across the world. 

Crusader Sword Blade

Like other weapons of Medieval times, the Crusader's sword had a steel blade, to ensure durability. Weapon experts agree that there are up to 13 blade types seen on Crusaders' swords, and knightly swords are type X or type XII. 

The categorization refers to blade fullness, with the type X blade being full the entire length of the sword. Type XII blades had a flat tang, and the blade was getting sharper as you moved towards the pommel.


Even though a typical Crusader sword featured a minimalistic design, to highlight its versatility, the swords of Medieval times, including Crusader swords, were elegant. 

Details on the handguard were symbols of high class, and personal motifs and added to the value of the sword. For example, the famous replica of the Crusader sword comes with the antique brass hilt and St. George and Templar cross. Some swords also have biblical inscriptions or symbols of families engraved on the blade.

The majority of Crusaders swords were found in river beds, with mineral deposits slowing the corrosion down, which gives historians plenty of data to explore.

Our Collection

Picking a Crusader sword for your collection isn't easy. Do you want a true minimalistic knightly sword or do you prefer the one with additional details that contribute to its appearance? Our collection consists of carbon steel blades and quality 

Crusader sword replicas to give you a hint of what it was like living in the age of crusades. These are perfect for collections or cosplay!


Where is the 900-year-old Crusader sword?

Famous authentic Crusader sword is currently in Israel, in the National Treasures Department.

How did Crusaders use swords?

Most of the Crusaders used their swords on horseback during battles.

How much does a Crusader sword cost?

Authentic Crusader swords for sale are in a private collection and their price is high. Replica of Crusader sword for sale may cost you from $50 to several hundred dollars for the highest quality swords with attractive details.