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Collection: Chinese Spear - Lethal And Versatile Polearm with Long Reach


The Chinese spear is famous under several names, including Qiang, Qiangdao, or Qinglong sword. Overall, the spear is a polearm that offers versatility in use with the combination of sword and spear features.

The ancient Chinese spear has a rich history and an important place in Chinese martial arts. It is also one of the cultural heritage of Chinese people and a valuable item for your collection.

Learning more about Chinese spears, their background, and their history will allow you to appreciate their unique design even more!

When Was the Chinese Spear Weapon Invented?

Ancient China was the cradle of the Chinese spear which emerged under the need for a long and versatile weapon, suitable for both close combat and use on the battlefield.

Chinese spear sword is suitable for:

  • thrusting

  • slashing

  • cutting

  • long-range attacks

Therefore, the spear sword was widely used by martial artists and soldiers. Because of its versatility, the Chinese spear was a significant factor in folklore, legends, and literature.

What is the Chinese Spear Used for Today?

The Chinese spear sword is a practical weapon for various martial arts, including Tai Chi, Wushu, and Baguazhang. The unique sword design ensures that practitioners learn to wield it with precision and freedom of movement.

There are also important martial arts tournaments that include the Chinese spear sword as the primary technique. In these tournaments, practitioners can demonstrate their skills in different categories and weapon routines.

Lastly, the Chinese spear is an important symbol of Chinese martial arts and there are significant efforts in the cultural preservation of the weapon and its application in martial arts practices.

Chinese Spear Construction

The most distinctive part of the Chinese spear is the blade, which is usually made from high-carbon steel for durability and sharpness. The blade is strong yet flexible which expands the use of the sword.

The spear shaft is typically made from oak-hickory, or other hardwood types, reinforced with metal fittings to ensure better grip and stability.

Chinese spear usually features metal tsuba and pommel to protect the hands.

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What is a famous Chinese spear type?

Famous Chinese spear is called Pu-Dao, and it has a long and curved blade, created to be used by cavalry and against horses. It is translated as a horse-cutting saber.

How long is a Chinese spear sword?

A typical Chinese spear sword is from 6 to 9 feet long, with a blade between 12 and 36 inches. Such blade and length ensure versatile use.

What is a downside to the Chinese spear sword, compared to other swords?

A wielder may need specialized training to learn how to use the potential of the sword fully and explore its unique features.