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Collection: Chinese Jian Sword - Thin Blade, Ideal For Precise Cut


The Chinese sword making industry brought to the world some of the best swords ever designed, including the Jian sword and Dao. Jian Chinese sword is straight and features a double-edge, narrow blade. 

Because of the blade design, Chinese Jian swords were lighter than other popular swords, like Katana. Therefore, the Jian blade is suitable for quick strikes and parring.

Should you have a Jian sword in your collection? Once you go through the article, and learn about Jian sword, you can make an informed decision! 

Jian Sword - Brief History Overview

There is evidence that the Jian sword was made in China around the 7th century BCE. At that time, the Chinese soldiers used it as a functional weapon and a ceremonial prop. Also, the Jian sword was associated with wealth, power, and social status, because only people of respect carried a sword like that in public.

Ancient Chinese swordsmiths created Jian as a double-edged sword, in contrast to a single-edged Dao sword.

The Most Famous Chinese Sword Ever

The Jian sword has been in Chinese legends and folklore stories forever. The Sword of Goujian is by its features, identical to the Jian sword, and has been one of the most popular and known swords in long Chinese history.

Jian Sword Today

Traditional Chinese martial arts still use the Jian sword for training, just as it has been used in combat in the past centuries. It is also one of the most popular pieces in swords and weapons private and public collections in China and the world. 

How to Choose a Jian Sword?

Here are some features to look for in your chosen Jian sword, whether you plan to display it or use it for Tai Chi or other martial arts practice. 

The blade needs to be double-edge, straight, straight, and narrow with a lenticular or flattened diamond-shaped cross-section and a central ridge

Authentic Jain swords are sharper as you get closer to the tip of the sword

Pick swords with wing-shaped guard if you want the sword to look like traditional Chinese Jian swords.

Overall, the sword should feature excellent balance and should be suitable for one-handed operation. The pommel at the tip of the handle improves the balance and keeps the handle in the wielder's hand.

Pick a premium Chinese Jian sword for sale, and opt for hand-forged models with hand-sharpening and exceptional attention to detail. A skilled eye will easily spot discrepancies between cheap replicas and a real deal.


How long is Jian sword?

A typical Jian sword is around 28 inches long.

Are Jian good swords?

Yes, Jian swords are functional swords which is why they have been around for centuries. This versatile blade is capable of quick cutting and thrusting, stabbing, precision cutting, or slashing. Even though there are slight design variations in Jian swords, most of them are excellent.

What is better: Jian sword vs Katana?

Warriors who prioritize power, strength, and durability may think of Katana as the better sword. On the other hand, those who prefer precision cuts, agile movements, and versatility in combat styles, prefer Jian sword.