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Collection: Chinese Dao - Important Historical Sword


Dao sword, or Mio Dao, as it is called, is a marvelous weapon designed for close, one-on-one combat. It is respected in martial arts circles because of its remarkable ability to cut through bone and flesh. Dao is robust, heavy, and has a massive impact on the enemy. That is why warriors use Chinese Dao swords with two hands.

Compared to Katana, its biggest competitor among ancient swords, the Dao has a lengthier reach because of its longer blade. Moreover, because of the particular grip design, a warrior can create a gap in the hands, which gives them more defense positions.

Chinese Dao Sword at a Glance

The Dao sword comes from China, and it was invented in the 2nd century BCE. There are plenty of Dao sword variations in different cultures. Its remarkable characteristics inspired weapon makers to create similar swords, and nowadays, martial arts enthusiasts use the term Dao for all single-edge blades. 

Swordsmiths operate with high-carbon steel to create the recognizable Dao blade, which ensures longevity and sharpness. Before that, Dao smiths used bronze to build swords, which was expensive and made the blades more susceptible to damage.

The Chinese Dao blade became popular during the Han Dynasty because it was easier to make than the sword previously used.

Over time, Japan and China both changed the original Chinese Dao sword design and added a slight curve to what was previously a straight blade. It is popular in different combat styles, such as tai chi, wushu, kung fu, and Japanese target test cutting tameshigiri.

The most important symbolism behind Dao swords is one of the few core values of Chinese philosophy - balance and harmony. Therefore, it takes a skilled artist to hand-forge this large sword and give it perfect balance. 

It's All in The Details

Considering how famous Dao swords are nowadays among collectors and martial artists, you can find many replicas of real ancient swords. Here is a list of things you should look for if you want the best Dao sword for your money:

  • Blade and handle balance for good agility and movement freedom

  • Ornamental blade pattern beside polish

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Sturdy sheath and tight handle wrap

  • Well-designed brass spacer 

If you are a committed collector, pick hand-sharpened blades with traditional appearance and high-quality accessories, such as engraved brass fittings and scabbards. Also, opt for handmade swords with a lifetime guarantee, whether you need them for display or martial arts. 

Dao As a Training Sword

Did you know that Chinese sword Dao is a common training sword? Dao swords built for training purposes are made from polypropylene and are an exact match to typical Chinese Dao swords. 

The average length of a Dao sword is between 34 and 41 inches.


Does Dao mean sword?

Dao is the Chinese word for all single-edge blades, knives included.

What is the difference between a dao and a Jian sword?

Jian sword is a double-edged sword, built for stabbing, while Dao is single-edged and designed for close combat.

How much does a Dao sword cost?

Mid-priced Dao swords are around $200, but for a unique Dao sword with remarkable features, you'll have to pay extra.