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The Chinese Broadsword is a versatile weapon, also called a Dao sword. Its biggest competitor among ancient swords is the Japanese Katana, but the Chinese Dao broadsword has a longer reach. The Chinese broadsword also has an unusual grip design, to ensure the wielder's sturdier defense.

Let's take a closer look at Chinese Dao Broadswords.

Chinese Broadsword History

The Chinese swordsmaking tradition is ancient, and around the 2nd century BCE, the swordsman invented the rough version of what we today call the Chinese Broadsword.

The Broadsword is also called Dao, and it is one of the four primary Chinese weapons, alongside a gun, spear, and Jian sword.

Broadsword features a long and thick blade and a relatively simple construction method, which made this sword the most popular during the Han Dynasty. The predecessor swords were too complex and expensive to make.

Today, the Chinese broadsword is used in several sports, in sword and ancient weapon collections, and as an item for researching rich and long Chinese history.

How to Choose a Chinese Broadsword for Training?

Technical specifications for choosing Chinese broadswords depend on your height in most cases. For example, if you are an adult taller than 5.7 feet, you'll need a blade that is between 28 and 29 inches long. Children practicing martial arts should rarely pick blades longer than 26 inches, but the technical specifications may vary from club to club.

Consider blade flexibility, too. Only experienced Wu shu warriors are skilled enough to handle flexible blades with a 360-degree twist. 

Semi-flexible blade is suitable for slow movements and beginners, and a rigid blade is excellent for collectors. However, senior athletes with exceptional skills also prefer rigid blades.

Picking Chinese Broadsword Replica

It's All in The Details

Considering how famous broadswords are nowadays among collectors and martial artists, you can find many replicas of real ancient swords. Here is a list of things you should look for if you want the Chinese broadsword for your money:

  • Blade and handle balance for good agility and movement freedom

  • Ornamental blade pattern beside polish

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Sturdy sheath and tight handle wrap

  • Well-designed brass spacer 

If you are a committed collector, pick hand-sharpened blades with traditional appearance and high-quality accessories, such as engraved brass fittings and scabbards. Also, opt for handmade swords with a lifetime guarantee, whether you need them for display or martial arts.

The Chinese broadsword is one of the most important weapons in the PlayStation game Yakuza 0, so if you are a passionate player, you might enjoy having a real Yakuza 0 Chinese Broadsword in your collection.


What were Chinese broadswords made of?

At first, in China swords were made of bronze, which was expensive and difficult to use for swords. Once they switched to iron, the construction became simpler. But, when they switched to steel, Chinese warriors could use broadswords at their full potential.

What is the difference between a Chinese broadsword and a Jian sword?

Jian sword is a double-edged sword, built for stabbing, while broadsword is single-edged and designed for close combat.

How much does a Chinese broadsword cost?

Mid-priced Dao swords are around $200, but for a unique Dao sword with remarkable features, you'll have to pay extra.