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Collection: Black Sword - Exceptional Collectible Item

If you admire swords and you want to build your collection, having a black sword is a great idea! Black swords are rare, but you can find quality carbon blades treated to have a black matte finish in store-like hours.

Black swords have been popular in manga and anime stories because of the mystical features the black color brings. If you are interested in getting a black blade for your collection, keep reading.

Black Sword in Video Game Genshin Impact

One of the most famous blackswords is the fantasy sword in the popular anime-style video game Genshin Impact. Genshin black sword is the second-best weapon in the game and an attractive sword.

Black Katana Swords in Manga and Anime

Black Katana swords aren't typical, and in popular culture, they were often used by Ninjas. In the manga One Piece, the famous Shushui sword is black. But this Katana hasn't always been black, it turned to that color as a signal that it has reached a certain swords quality.

Another popular Katana sword black is Tanjiro's Katana in Demon Slayer manga. It is black to symbolize the sad destiny of the wielder who is most likely to die young.

Sasuke Kusanagi Katana from the manga Naruto is also black, but you can also find a variant with a white blade and black scabbard. Another character from Naruto, called Raidō Namiashi, also wields a black sword, called Kokkuto. It is a black, non-reflective blade with a poison coating.

How are Black Swords Made?

There are several ways you sword smiths make a black sword:

  • Heat treatment - protects the blade and makes it mystique

  • Paint - only for aesthetic purposes and display swords

  • Acid - available in red, black and black and Katana, a high-quality treatment that ensures the sword functions the same as the one that hasn't been treated

Our Collection

Black swords from our collection stand out as a symbol, more than just a functional weapon. Stunning blades are aesthetically pleasing and forged with excellent precision and admiration for traditional sword-making skills. 

Due to carbon steel construction, you can expect excellent durability and sharpness. Moreover, the details, such as the dark hardwood handle and black wrapping ensure excellent grip and elegant appeal. 

Next, the black swords often come with a matching sheath from black leather, created to add a sense of elegance and be another striking visual element.


How to maintain a black sword?

Taking care of a black sword isn't different from taking care of any other sword. It will take you a few minutes, and it's recommended to maintain the sword twice a year. Clean the blade with non-aggressive products and keep it oiled to prevent rust.

Is black sword valuable?

Due to its elegant looks, the black sword can be valuable, especially if you get a quality sword with a tempered blade.

Can I paint my sword black?

It is possible to paint the sword black, but you'll have to use a prime coat, paint, and finish coat for steel to hold the color.